Inter – Bologna match info

The Bolognese are the main contenders for the title, but the main rival is the Milanese. The team is in a good shape and is able to play in the Champions League. The main goal of the team is to win the Europa League.
In the last season, the team was able to win both the Italian League and the Champions Cup.
The main rivals of the Bolognas are:
* Inter;
* Napoli;
* Roma;
* Lazio;

In this season, Inter has a good chance to win all the trophies. The club has a lot of problems, but they are able to solve them.
Bologna is one of the main clubs in Italy, and they are always ready to fight for the champion title. The fans can see the matches of the teams on the reliable resource.
Main rivals of Inter
The team of Antonio Conte has a great chance to achieve the desired result. The coach of the club has good experience and is capable of achieving the desired results.
Conte has been in charge of the Milan club for a long time, and he has managed to get the champion’s title. Now, the club is in the top 4 of the Serie A, and the coach has managed not only to get a place in the European Cup zone, but also to win it.
At the same time, the coach is able not only not to lose points, but to make the team play in a high-quality manner.
Inter’ main rivals
The club has been around for a few years, and it is obvious that the coach wants to win many trophies. This is why the team has a number of problems.
First of all, the main problem of the Inter is the lack of motivation. The players are not able to show their best game, and this leads to the fact that the team loses points.
Another problem of Conte’ team is the bad form of the leaders. The list of the players who are not performing well is long. This fact is obvious, because the team needs to play with the leaders to achieve results. The following players are the most important for the team:
1. Conte.
2. Lenglet.
3. Di Maria.
4. Vidal.
5. Pogba.
6. Simeone.
7. Modric.
8. Kroos.
9. Eriksen.
10. Van Deurs.
11. Griezmann.
12. Di Maria is not the most reliable player.

Concerns of the coach
The coach has been at the helm of the Italian team for a short time, so he needs time to adjust to the new players. It is obvious now that the club needs to find a new coach, because Conte is not able at the moment to show the results. This problem is obvious for the fans, too.
As for the main rivals, the results of the Conte’s team are not so good. The Milan club is not in a great shape, and now it is not so easy to win trophies.
You can always follow the results on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the information about the matches between the teams of the top Italian clubs.
Live results of Serie A matches
The Serie A is one the most popular tournaments in the world. The top teams of this championship are always in the leading positions.
This season, it is very important for Inter to win a place at the European stage. The Italian club has many problems, and there are many reasons for this.
Firstly, the players are tired of the constant transfers. The transfer ban is still in effect, and many players have already left the club.
Secondly, the head coach is not capable of leading the team to victory in the championship.
Thirdly, the fans are not very pleased with the results, and their expectations are not met.
It is obvious how the team will be able to achieve its goals this season.
Serie A live scores
The season of the championship of Italy has just begun, but already it is already clear that the main goal for Inter is to get into the European zone.
However, the first matches of this season are not going well for the club, because it is clear that there are problems with the transfers.
Despite this, the Inter players are still able to demonstrate their best skills, and that is why they are in the first positions of the standings.
There are many problems for the Milan team, too, but it is also clear that they will be in a better shape in the near future.
Milan’ problems
The first matches have shown that the Milan players are in a bad shape. The head coach, Unai Emery, is not very capable of taking charge of a team that has such problems. The situation is very serious, and we can only hope that the situation will change soon.
Now, the Milan are in great shape. They have a good squad, and Emery has managed a lot to improve the team’ situation.
Many people are not happy with the performance of the new coach of Inter, but this is not a good sign.

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