Green Card Lottery

Green Card Lottery – How It Works

Most of us recognize how primary lottery works. You buy a price tag, input the draw and if you are decided on from the list you stand to win a prize. In an equal manner, the inexperienced card lottery software will help you win a green card which could assist you to gain felony residency inside the United States.

The green card lottery is also recognized as the Diversity Visa Lottery Program and every 12 months the 미국로또 구매대행 application lets in approximately 50,000 candidates to win a inexperienced card. If you’re eligible you might also stand to win a inexperienced card through the DV lottery.

Green Card Lottery

To create a greater diversity inside the USA, through the 1996 Immigration Act the lottery program changed into created via America authorities. These immigrants are chosen from a few geographic regions which would have sent the least variety of immigrants to the united states. The 50,000 green cards which are available each year are allotted amongst the six extraordinary world geographic regions and the biggest bite of the green cards will visit those regions from wherein the least immigration to America takes area.

Any U.S Which could have sent greater than 50,000 immigrants to the US during the last five years isn’t always eligible for the lottery software. Further, no country may acquire greater than 7% of the exact 50,000 playing cards which can be allowed for twelve months. These green cards are presented via the variety lottery through a random pc generated draw.

To be eligible for the draw you have to be born in an eligible U.S. Further, you ought to also meet sure schooling / educational necessities. For this, you need to have years of schooling or work to enjoy our high school schooling. The USCIS internet web site has a list of requirements that you can check to peer if you qualify.

If you are one of those lucky ones to win a DV lottery, you and your spouse and children can be capable of stay and paintings completely within the USA. The Department of State (DOS) accepts applications handiest during particular times of the yr that’s usually between the months of October and December.

Green Card Lottery

All visa lottery packages should be completed online and you should list all eligible people to your application. Photos of all eligible applicants have to be uploaded consistently with the specification. Photos play an essential function inside the application manner and care ought to be taken in importing a correct photo.

The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) will conduct the lottery software each yr and if you are one of those fortunate winners, you will be notified by means of mail. You will then be required to appear on the local US consulate for a preliminary interview. On completing the interview technique, in case you are a success, you may be granted a visa that might let you travel to America.

The lottery program is carried out below the aegis of the KCC and there is no way you will have an impact on the final results of the draw and so do not get deceive by any fake promises that might be doled out by way of many fake organizations. Green Card Lottery is one of the first-rate ways to get inexperienced card to the USA.