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Fixtures in upcoming Copa Libertadores – March 2019 Round 1

The first round of the Copa America has come to an end. The tournament is held every four years, and the winner is decided by the head-to-head match. The second round of this tournament will begin on the 20th of March.
The tournament is a real test for the teams. In the first round, the teams were very equal, but in the second round, they were not. The first match of the second match was extremely tense, but the second one was not so. The teams will have to fight for the victory in this round.
There are several reasons for this. First of all, the number of teams participating in the tournament is increasing. In addition, the level of the teams is increasing, too. The clubs are able to show their best game and become the main favorites of the tournament.

The most important thing is that the teams are playing in the most prestigious club tournament. This is why the teams have a lot of motivation to win.
Fixtures of the Second Round of Copa América
The second round has already ended, and it is already clear that the first match is not going to be easy. The main favorites are the same, and they have already won the first game. The only difference is that they have a much stronger lineup.
However, the first games are not the only ones in the Copacabana. The following matches will be held in the next round, too:
* 1/16;
* 2/16.
In the first one, the team of the champion of the previous tournament, the Brazilian team of Flamengo, won. This was the first time in the history of the competition that a team from Brazil won the tournament in the first year.
This is the reason why the fans and experts are so interested in the results of this team. The team has a lot to prove. They have already lost a lot, but they have not lost their spirit.
Another important thing about the team is the fact that it is very young. The players have already learned a lot and are ready to take on the main challenges of the season.
It is worth noting that the team has already won a lot in the national championship. The last time they won was in the season of 2007. The previous time, the champion was the team from the capital of Brazil, Botafogo.
Fans can follow the results on the website of sports statistics. The information is updated in real time, and you can always find out the latest news on the home page.
Team’s Prospects in Second Round
The team of Felipe Anderson from Flamengos is considered one of the main contenders for the title of the best team in the world. The Brazilian team is considered to be the best in the South America.
Felipe Anderson is a player of the Brazilian national team. He is a midfielder who is able to play on both the defensive and attacking lines. He also has a good understanding with the forwards.
He is able not only to win the ball in the opponent’ goal, but also to distribute the ball and create scoring opportunities for his teammates.
Anderson is a very good player, and his skills are well known. He has won the Golden Ball and the Silver Ball. In Brazil, he is considered a great player.
Of course, the main goal of the team in this tournament is to win gold medals. This will be possible only if the team performs well in the matches against the teams that are considered to have a higher level.
You can always follow the team’ results on this website. It is easy to do this, because the information is available in real-time.
Main Favorites of Copacamana
The Copacamerana is the second most important club tournament in South America, after the World Cup. The competition is very intense, and each match has a high probability of ending in a victory for one of its teams.
All the teams in the competition are considered as the main favourites of the championship. However, it is worth highlighting the following teams:
1. FlamengoS. The club from the Brazilian capital has a long and successful history in the championship of South America and the world cup.
2. Palmeiras. The Palmeirens are considered the main contender for the gold medals of the club tournament, too, because of the following reasons:
· high level of players;
· high level and quality of the coaching staff;
· good teamwork.
3. Santos. The Santos are considered one the main clubs of Brazil in the club championship. This team is able, despite the fact it has a young lineup, to show its maximum in the match against the main competitors.
4. Cruzeiro. The Cruzeiros are considered a team that is able both to win and to lose. This club has a very successful history, and this fact is one of their main advantages.
5. Palermo. The Club Palermitano is considered the team that will be able to win not only the gold, but to win a lot.
6. Internacional.

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